Awards Program

We have recently partnered with The Guestbook awards program to provide our guests with access to an awards program for exclusive properties in the US and internationally!

You can have us enroll you in The Guestbook program at any time.  If you are booking your reservation on-line you will be given the opportunity to sign up for the program while making your reservation, or you can just ask us to do it for you.

The Guestbook offers awards (credits) based on your payments for lodging:  a 5% cash back option, or a 5% donation to many charities supported by the program, or a 15% credit that you can use at any of The Guestbook affiliated hotels.   If you are enrolled in The Guestbook program, once you complete your stay at any of The Guestbook hotels you will be given your choice on how to redeem your credit.

Casa guests who have previously participated in our own awards program may continue redeem any points that you have accumulated with us.   You can either continue with our previous awards program or enroll in The Guestbook. However, you can earn points or credits in only one of the programs. 

Please NOTE:  Only reservations booked directly on our website or by calling us will qualify for credits in either The Guestbook credits program or in our existing awards program.  Reservation booked through travel sites such as Expedia, Hotels.com, TripAdvisor etc do not qualify for awards.

In our existing Awards program:
Earn 1 point for each $25 you spend at the Casa for lodging, meals, or gift shop purchases. Points will add up fast! (Excluded are any pass through payments to bird guides, tours, discounts taken by third party booking agencies (Expedia, Hotels.com, bedandbreakfast.com, and gift certificates from outside groups,(those booking agencies or gift certificates impose a 15 to 20% fee on your stay) etc, or other non-Casa items). Hint: Book directly with us online or by phone and help us avoid those high fees, and earn more points for your stay.

As your point balance grows you will qualify for Awards for discounts on future stays. The more points you accumulate the greater the value of the rewards available to you.

You will also receive opportunities for additional bonus points during special promotions or activities, like the Double Points or 10% off promotions.

So, you have two great options for earning rewards or credits.  Pick the one that fits your travel plans the best.  We love saying Thank You to our frequent guests!

When you sign up for our rewards program:

When you tell us to sign you up for the Awards Program we will update your Master profile to indicate you are enrolled in the rewards program.  We will even look back to past stays to give you credit for any prior stays from January 1, 2016 and forward.

When you initially sign up for our Awards Program you will earn your first points and your first special offer! $10 off your next stay. Earn more points!

Earn 1 point for every $25 you spend at the Casa for lodging, meals, and gift shop purchases. Bring or refer new guests to the Casa and you will add more points for each new guest who stays with us! Points add up fast and you can quickly earn a Frequent Guest award Or, save points between stays and earn even more valuable awards.

Earn Additional Points

Earn double points during promotions. Once you are enrolled in the awards program we will send you special promotions including some opportunities to earn double points.

Earn Additional Points when you refer a new guest to us. Earn 20 points for each new guest that books a minimum two night stay. Just have the guest tell us that you referred them to us or give us a call and let us know that your friends/family will be staying with us. We will credit your account with the referral points when the guest checks in for their stay. Or better yet, bring the new guest and earn points for your stay, plus the extra points for your referral, and your new guest also earns points!

Purchase a Casa Gift Certificate and either you or your guest can earn the points for that purchase. And you can ask us to redeem your Awards for another guest – We make it easy for you to gift your Awards to your friends and family.

The Rewards

25 Points: $20 gift certificate to spend in the Casa Gift shop on your next visit. Need a Cap? A Tee Shirt? A New Bird Guide book? Shop Here.

45 Points:Receive a $30 discount off the 3rd night of your next stay. Longer stays are indeed better!

60 Points:  $40 gift certificate to use at the Brite Spot restaurant.  Does not include tax, tip, or any alcoholic beverages.  The Brite Spot is open Wednesdays through Sundays, and features Old West Hospitality, Steaks, BBQ Ribs and other entrees.

80 Points: Receive a Casa Gift Certificate for $70 to use in our Gift Shop or toward the cost of your next lodging stay. Minimum 2 night stay required.

150 Points: Receive a $200 Gift Certificate to use in our Gift Shop or toward the cost of your next three night minimum stay.

Points are awarded on the basis of actual dollars spent at the Casa, less any discounts that apply to any gift cards from outside organizations (generally a 20% discount off the face value of the gift card).  Discounts claimed by outside organizations such as Hotels.com incur a revenue discount of 35% off the face value of the room. So earn the maximum points possible by booking your reservation directly with us.  Book directly with us using the link (Check Availability) above or better yet, just call us toll free at (888) 257-2050!

You can always opt out of the program at any time (we don’t want to overwhelm you with messages), but we would rather be able to add points to your account as you take advantage of specials, discounts, and our warm hospitality! Thank you!

Tour groups can also qualify for Awards Points. Contact us for details.

Casa Gift Certificates donated to charitable organizations for auctions or their employees are not eligible for awards points.