Room Rates & Policies

If you have any questions or have special requirements, you are welcome to call us toll free at 1-888-257-2050. We offer many special services to guests at our Arizona lodging. We are also happy to help you plan a visit that will enable you to see and experience the magic of Southeastern Arizona.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept personal checks with proper ID, and Cash always works too!


All rates are for double occupancy, in either a room with one King Bed, or in a room with two Double Beds. Additional guests beyond one or two in the same room = $25/day per person.


Check-In times are between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. If you expect to arrive earlier in the day it is generally not a problem, but we may need to hold your luggage until your room has been made ready for you. Just let us know when to expect you so that we can be sure to be here to greet you.  For early check-ins (prior to 3:00 pm) we do charge an extra $25. 

Check-Ins after 6:00 pm – It is very important for you to let us know if you expect to arrive after 6:00 pm or if your arrival is delayed. The back gate locks at 6:30 pm and we will need to give you an access code. Please be sure to advise us if you expect to arrive after 6:00 pm.

Check Out Time is by 11:00 am. We charge an extra $25 per hour for late check-outs beyond 12:00 noon. And we will charge a full extra night if you check out after 2:00 pm as we will be unable to re-rent the room that night.


When you book your reservation we collect a 50% deposit to hold your reservation.

You may cancel your reservation at least 14 days prior to the reservation date to qualify for a refund of your deposit, with a cancellation fee of 10% of the deposit amount to cover our reservation handling costs.

  • No refunds are made under our normal cancellation policy if the reservation is canceled with less the 14 days advance notice. (But you can protect your stay for refund between 14 days in advance and the date of arrival with our new Worry Free Booking program – see below).
  • If you feel that your trip may be canceled for health or other possible family emergencies, we recommend that you purchase the Worry Free Reservations warranty coverage available on our reservation system (or by phone) when you make your reservation.  Participation in the Worry Free Reservation program is optional and includes a 10% fee for the warranty coverage. See details below. We recommend adding this small additional cost to enable you to cancel your reservation between 14 days in advance up to the date of your reservation and receive a full refund from the warranty program when you
  • experience health emergencies for you or your immediate family or travel companions,
  • or if you have Covid,
  • or if there is a death in your immediate family. 
  • During these uncertain times this coverage can remove many of the worries about booking reservations for future travel. Then if your trip is interrupted or cancelled the Worry Free Reservations program will help you cover the costs our lodging fees in an emergency.


Worry Free Booking Coverage Recommended
:  When you book your reservation far in advance, or if you believe that you may encounter health or family emergencies, it is wise to protect your lodging costs for a small fee that will cover the costs of your rooms if you have to cancel for many valid reasons (health problem, COVID-19,family emergency, etc).

We offer a booking warranty that will refund your lodging fees in full if you have to cancel your reservation for health, immediate family emergencies, or COVID.  The Worry Free Booking program adds a 10% booking fee to the cost of your lodging, but it covers you for last minute cancellations in these uncertain times.  You can decline the warranty coverage when booking online, but please be aware that  when you decline this coverage you will not be able to get a refund of your lodging fees for cancellations within the 14 day window prior to your scheduled arrival.

To participate in the Worry Free Reservations program you will be charged the full amount of the room reservation when you book your reservation, plus a 10% fee for the warranty. (a LOT more details at this link!)

If you have elected the Worry Free Reservations warranty, you will receive a confirmation code that you can use to cancel the reservation within the 14 day advance window.  Just click on the code in your confirmation email to initiate the cancellation process.  We believe that this program can add a measure of peace of mind when planning your travel.

Special Note for Cancellations if you book through Expedia, Hotels.com or other Internet sites:

  • Bookings through online booking services impose many unreasonable extra fees, and rules.  For example, they require payment in full at the time that you make your reservation, and they do not pay us until several days after you depart.  VS. We only charge you a deposit of 1/2 the room charges to hold your reservation.  It makes little sense for you to pay the full room rate up front, and for the online booking engine to in turn charge us up to 30% of your reservation cost. 
  • We cannot cancel your reservation for you. You must contact Expedia (or other booking engine) yourself to cancel the reservation on their books.
  • Unfortunately, Expedia does not inform us of the cancellation so we also need to know that you are canceling your reservation made through Expedia or you will be charged for the full rate of your reservation. 
  • Expedia charges us for their booking fee even if you cancel your reservation, so we end up paying about 30% of your reservation for extra fees associated with their booking engine, credit card fees, etc. So we have to pass those extra fees on to you. It is unfair, but those are their rules, not ours.
  • So if you need to cancel an Expedia or other booking engine reservation:
  • Call them to Cancel. Then call us to also inform us (or you will be billed for the whole reservation since they don’t tell us you canceled), and we will use our normal rules to determine whether or not you qualify for a refund of your advance payment.
  • If you do qualify for a refund and you booked through one of the online booking services, we will have to charge you 30% of your original reservation amount (not just the advance payment amount) to cover their imposed fees. Also we will not be able to provide your refund until approximately 30-45 days after the date of the original check-in, as we are only able to fully determine all of the fees that Expedia charges us until that date. We cannot see your reservation details, nor their fees, until the date of the reservation. (Yes, we do however get just enough information from them to hold the room for the dates you want, but we do not get information about YOU from them… Helpful, aren’t they…..?)
  • BOTTOM LINE:  Please try NOT to use Expedia, Hotels.com, Bedandbreakfast.com or other booking engines.   We can serve you so much better, without extra fees, if you just book your reservation directly with us by phone or from our website.

Room Rates

Our room rates vary from high to low season and may change from year to year.   The best way to see our room rates for the dates you want is to click on the Book Your Stay Now button on our web pages and then select the dates and room you want.  OR you can just call us toll free at (888) 257-2050 and we can check the room rates for you and check to see whether or not we have any special deals available.

  • King Rooms and Double room rates vary throughout the year from one season to another. Generally a 2 night stay is required but call us if you wish to book only a single night stay.  Or click on the Check Availability link at the top of the page to select the dates of your visit.  Rates applicable to those dates for each room will be displayed.
  • The room rate for our Suite (full kitchen dining area living room with 2 fold out couches and a master bedroom with a king bed) also varies between seasonally.  Generally a 3 night minimum stay is required for guests wanting to book the Suite.
  • Weekly or longer term rates are also available. Call us to check on longer term room rates and availability.

Room Rates Include:

  • Comfortable King or Double Rooms
  • Private ensuite bathrooms with showers
  • Bathrooms have extra towels
  • Premium liquid soap body wash, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Rooms also have digital locking safes for personal valuables
  • Hair Dryer
  • Digital Alarm Clock with 2 USB charging ports
  • Access to Guest Services with Washer Dryer, Refrigerator Microwave
  • Free Parking
  • Free WiFi Through Out the Facility
  • Access to a computer with internet access and a printer
  • Afternoon Home Made Pies
  • Coffee and Tea available all day
  • A full breakfast is included each morning
  • Access to Propane BBQ Grills
  • Easy access to the San Pedro River for hiking and bird watching

How to Book Your Reservation

You can book your reservation at Casa de San Pedro in several ways:

1) The BEST way to make a reservation is to ust call us toll free at 888 257-2050. This is the easiest and best way to find the best room availability for the dates of your travel. We would always rather get to talk to you directly to make sure we can provide all the services, tour recommendations, restaurant reservations, and learn about any of your dietary needs or other preferences. And we love getting to meet you and to get to know you before your stay.

2) Or, you can click on the Book Your Stay Now button on any of the pages on our website. From there you can enter your preferred dates and select the type of room you want, or pick an individual room. But please note that all of our rooms are essentially the same: decor, private baths, bedspreads, etc. with only minor differences in some of the rooms. You will be equally comfortable in any of our rooms. The on-line system can show you room availability for your chosen dates, or for a longer window of dates, in case your travel dates are flexible. Once you pick your room the online system will guide you through the process to finalize your reservation by collecting your name, address, telephone number, email, and credit card information. (it is really easier for us to do all this for you if you just call us as in #1 above, and we love talking with you.)

3) In the past we have listed our property on several booking engines such as Expedia, Hotels.com and bedandbreakfast.com. The disadvantage to both of us was that they provide us with very little information about you or your reservation, and they charge us a very  high fee for their services, and often charge guests more than we charge for the same room.  Also, when reservations are made through those booking services, cancellations are less flexible for our guests.   Given that, we have determined that we can better serve our guests by handling room reservations via the above two options.  As a small business every avoided extra fee enables us to keep our overall room rates as low as possible.


Casa de San Pedro is proud to adhere to PCI Data Security and the European Union GDPR Privacy Standards. Click Here for a PDF statement on our Personal Data Privacy and Security Policy.